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Magic Cloth Organizer

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It comes with simple design makes it easy to store, find & remove items with ease.

It's the elegant storage solution for your wardrobe needs to store your out of season or bulky items and clothes so that you can maximize space in your closet.

This multi-purpose organizer bag is perfect solution for keeping and storing winter wear shawls, sweaters, mufflers, caps, gloves, blankets, pillows, woolens, bedding's, quilts, clothing, sarees, ready made garments, sofa covers, bath hand towels & all those off-season things that are not used daily requirements.


It provides complete protection from dust, moths, moisture. You can store them for long periods of time without acquiring dust and moisture.

Made of non-woven fabric with pleasing looks, the bag makes an elegant storage solution for your wardrobe needs. Steel frame supports the fabric and keeps the bag firm. Transparent viewing windows let you have a clear view of the items inside. Double zips on the sides and top ensures easy opening and closing. Two handles for easy carry.



 Moisture-proof:- It is made of premium fabric and the material from inside is treated with moisture-proof lamination which guarantees to protect your garments from moisture, moth, and dust. This also means that you can place this cupboard organizer for clothes anywhere in your room without bothering about dust or moisture spoiling them. They can be easily cleaned by wiping the outside with a cloth while the content inside is safe, dry, and secure.

Stainless steel frame:- With the sturdy steel frame structure you can stack cloth boxes together. It can be stacked on shelves, tucked away easily in closets, under beds, side tables, or in a corner, in the tops of closets, on the floor, under tables, under beds and other places, making your home looks clean and tidy. Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter.

A simple design makes it easy to store, find and remove items with ease. Anti-Water Proof Fabric, Transparent viewing windows on top and sides make it easy to view what's inside. It comes with Wide Front Window. Sturdy stainless steel frame keeps the storage bag firm, erect and in standing position. It has two handles for easy carry and an oxford fabric that is easy to wipe clean. Double zips closure on the top and front make it easy to open and close the storage box. Folding design makes it easy to fold.

Magic Cloth Organizer - Nevenue India
Magic Cloth Organizer Sale price₹. 1,199.00 Regular price₹. 2,300.00